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By B. Klein

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Maps make the realm seen, yet in addition they imprecise, distort, and idealize. This wide-ranging research strains the influence of cartography at the altering cultural meanings of area. Combining cartographic heritage with the most important cultural reviews and literary research, this publication examines the development of social and political house in maps, in cosmography and geography, in ancient and political writing, and in he literary works of Marlowe. Shakespeare, Spenser, and Drayton.

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In so far as Tamburlaine’s violent cartography annihilates the identification of the city as a space of human bodies, I suggest, this brief scene stages the explosion of the spatial paradigm that encoded space as an inherently social category: space is no longer represented, nor experienced, in terms of human corporeality – giving way to a phenomenal upsurge of interest in the ancient knowledge of geometry. Beyond the dramatic absorption of cartographic energy the scene is thus evidence of two opposing conceptions of space – one social, one geometric – overlaying the medieval/renaissance divide of its cartographic referents.

Graphically, the city views, whether authentic or imaginary, portray exaggerated constructions of generic civic space: depicted as if viewed from an imaginary point on the ground, the horizon is raised to crowd as many individual buildings as possible into a single image; palaces, towers and churches – dominant moments of architectural achievement – marginalize lesser objects; fortified walls circumscribe the city as a defensive bulwark. Schedel’s cities are stone labyrinths, monstrous and overwhelming cityscapes, that dominate their natural locations and erase their links with the surrounding landscape.

Ortelius’ preface suggests as much: linking history to geography, as is customarily done in the period, he points to the problems a lack of geographical proficiency might cause in historical study. 42 The historical terrain charted here is one of male travel and exploration, of ‘expeditions and voyages’ suggestive of a dynamic, flexible sphere of ceaseless geographic expansion, shaped by the penetrating forays of travelling men into yielding, amorphous space. com - licensed to Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromso - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-15 Mathematics of the World 39 40 Measurements The State of euery Kingdome well managed by prudent gouernment, seems to me to represent a Humane Body, guided by the soueraignty of the Reasonable Soule: the Country and Land it self representing the one, the Actions and state affaires the other.

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