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By Mike Palmquist

ISBN-10: 0312412150

ISBN-13: 9780312412159

With the good fortune of The Bedford Researcher, Mike Palmquist has earned a faithful following of academics and scholars who delight in his available method of the method of inquiry-based writing. Now he brings his confirmed method and pleasant tone to becoming a member of the dialog. whereas scholars may possibly know the way to ship textual content messages, look for photographs, and skim the scoop on-line all even as, they don’t inevitably understand how to juggle the abilities they should have interaction readers and compose a significant contribution to a tutorial dialog. assembly scholars the place they're — operating on-line and collaboratively — becoming a member of the dialog embraces the recent realities of writing, with out sacrificing the help that scholars want as they write for faculty and past.

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405 ADVERTISEMENTS 406 White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, The Anti-Drug OPINION COLUMNS Cyrus Habib, Show Us the Money LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 412 414 Bob Dinneen, Response to “The Ethanol Scam” BLOGS 406 411 414 417 Barbara Ehrenreich, What America Owes Its “Illegals” ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAYS 417 420 Virginia Postrel, In Praise of Chain Stores 421 How can I write an argumentative essay? 424 In Process: An Argumentative Essay about Digital Music Find a conversation and listen in 425 Explore disagreements 425 In Process: Generating Ideas about Conversations 426 Working Together: Try It Out Loud 427 Track online conversations Ask questions about promising issues In Process: Locating Sources 428 429 426 424 CONTENTS Build your argument 430 Define your overall claim 430 Develop reasons to accept your overall claim 431 Choose evidence to support your reasons 432 In Process: Choosing Evidence 433 434 Working Together: Identify and Consider Opposing Claims Ensure the integrity of your argument 435 Prepare a draft 437 Make an argumentative claim 438 Appeal to your readers 439 Address counterarguments 442 Consider genre and design 443 Frame your argument 444 Review and improve your draft 445 Consider your overall claim 445 Review your reasons, evidence, and appeals 445 Examine your treatment of counterarguments 445 Peer Review: Improve Your Argumentative Essay 446 Ensure the integrity of your argument 447 Identify and consider opposing claims 434 Essay 447 *Student Donovan Mikrot, Download This: Why Digital Rights Management Is a Bad Idea for Hollywood *Project Ideas 453 õ In Summary: Writing an Argumentative Essay 456 PART THREE: WORKING WITH SOURCES 457 11 PREPARING TO USE SOURCES IN AN ACADEMIC ESSAY 459 How should I focus my search for sources?

Practice: Find a Written Conversation We’re surrounded by written conversations. Some focus 3. Identify sources that seem to address the topic. on politics, others on sports, and still others on issues in Skim each source (see p. 60) to get a sense of how it an academic discipline. You’ll find contributions to con- addresses your topic. com. Spend some time locating a conversation about a topic that interests you. Use the following prompts to find the conversation: 4. Decide whether the sources are engaged in the same conversation.

Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein, Easy Does It 365 How can I write a problem-solving essay? 369 In Process: A Problem-Solving Essay about College Tuition Find a conversation and listen in 370 Explore difficulties 370 Working Together: Try It Out Loud Ask questions about promising subjects Conduct a survey 372 In Process: Developing a Survey 371 371 375 Develop a solution 376 Define the problem 377 In Process: Defi ning a Problem 378 379 In Process: Developing a Solution 380 Assess the practicality of your solution 381 Prepare a draft 381 Consider potential solutions 369 323 | xxxiii xxxiv | CONTENTS Explain the problem 381 Propose your solution 383 Explain your solution 384 In Process: Providing Support for Key Points 385 Consider genre and design 386 Frame your essay 386 Review and improve your draft 387 Reassess your problem definition 388 Review the presentation of your solution 388 Check the feasibility of your solution 388 Consider objections and alternative solutions 388 Peer Review: Improve Your Problem-Solving Essay 389 Essay 390 *Student Jennie Tillson, Death, Taxes, and College Tuition *Project Ideas 396 390 õ In Summary: Writing a Problem-Solving Essay 399 10 WRITING TO CONVINCE OR PERSUADE 401 GENRES IN CONVERSATION: ARGUMENTATIVE WRITING 402 What is writing to convince or persuade?

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