Aparatologia en ortopedia funcional - Atlas Ilustrado - 2da by Ulrike Grohmann PDF

By Ulrike Grohmann

ISBN-10: 9806574648

ISBN-13: 9789806574649

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36 Semiactive or Accessible referents are in the peripheral consciousness. According to Lambrecht, there are three ways a referent can be made accessible. A referent may become accessible through deactivation from a previous state, that is, by having been active at an earlier point in the discourse. This referent is textually accessible. 38 Accessible referents can be coded either as inactive or as active depending on various factors. They do not have a direct phonological or morphological correlate although they can have an indirect correlate in the syntax.

He claims that topics are not restricted to sentence-initial position. Very typically, he says, topics are grammatically expressed by pronouns (full or empty). Considering that pronouns usually have a fixed position in the sentence (very often very near the verb), it does not make sense to require topics to be sentence-initial. For example, imagine a situation in which the speaker and the hearer are talking about John. The speaker wants to add that in fact he saw John yesterday. 50 In the context described above, “him” can be a very plausible topic.

In principle, he is now capable of carrying out or determining the accuracy of any computation. Some computation he may not be able to carry out in his head. Paper and pencil are required to extend his memory. But the person does not have to learn something new to carry out a more complex computation, using paper and pencil. (Ward 1988:19, taken from Chomsky 1980:221) According to Ward, all the topic tests applied to this example produce infelicitous results: (13) #As for some computation, he may not be able to carry it out in his head (14) Q: What about some computation?

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Aparatologia en ortopedia funcional - Atlas Ilustrado - 2da edicion by Ulrike Grohmann

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