Antiagon Fire (Imager Portfolio, Book 7) by L. E. Modesitt Jr. PDF

By L. E. Modesitt Jr.

ISBN-10: 0765334577

ISBN-13: 9780765334572

The hard-won battles fought in Imager's Battalion have earned Quaeryt a promoting to commander, in addition to an project to convince the Pharsi excessive Council within the country of Khel to undergo Lord Bhayar's rule, that's key to Bhayar's ambition to unite all of Solidar. Joined by means of his pregnant spouse Vaelora, who's additionally Bhayar's sister, Quaeryt leads a military and a handful of imagers deeper into the antagonistic lands as soon as held through the tyrannical Rex Kharst, dealing with stiff-necked excessive Holders, assaults by means of land and sea—including airborne hearth introduced by means of adverse imagers from the land of Antiago—and a mysterious order of strong ladies who appear to realize the nice future that awaits Quareyt and Vaelora, in addition to the price of attaining it.

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To meet some of your plague victims. The hospice of Shallya. ” 43 A wild-eyed, half-human thing grinned from behind the bars of its iron cage. Sometimes it would laugh, other times it called out random words in a shrill, sing-song voice. Mostly it moaned and cried. Doktor Weichs took it as a sign, perhaps, that the man’s senses had not completely deserted him when the skaven fell upon the wretch. An insane subject was of very limited value to Weichs, enabling him to study only the physical effects of his experiments.

Thulmann knew even wizards placed some value on gold—if only to fund their arcane studies. Wolfram Kohl must have had a good reason to quit his trade. Was it to devote himself body and soul to studying Helmuth Klausner’s unholy spellbook? Thulmann kept one eye on the men following him through the lonely streets. Bearding a wizard in his lair was always a dangerous proposition. Supernatural powers could give the wizard prior warning of a witch hunter’s approach, while an infinite number of spells and wards could be called upon to protect him and bring harm to his enemies.

Hmmph,” grunted Streng. ” He looked over at Thulmann. “He was a mutant. ” Thulmann stared at the dark bottle, relieved to release it from his grip and set it back on the floor. “A mutant masquerading as a healer,” he reflected. “Carrying a bottle of…” he hesitated. What had been in the bottle, leaving behind it so hideous a taint? Poison? Something worse than poison? Streng lurched forward on the bed, pain and fatigue forgotten for the moment. “You’re not thinking…” “We lost track of Weichs in Wurtbad,” Thulmann said.

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