Ancient Civilizations RL. Almanac by Judson Knight PDF

By Judson Knight

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Presents old info and interpretation on historical civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, China, Africa, Israel, and somewhere else.

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C. : Kushans begin a century-long series of conquests, ultimately absorbing Greco-Bactrian kingdom. : Emperor WuTi effectively destroys the power of feudal lords in China. : Roman reformer Gaius Gracchus commits suicide after some 3,000 of his followers are murdered. c. : Chang Chi’en, on a mission for Emperor Wu Ti, makes first Chinese contact with Greek-influenced areas. : China, under Wu Ti, conquers Korea. : Marius defeats Cimbri, a northern European tribe. c. : End of Olmec civilization in Mesoamerica.

Suicide of Cleopatra VII; Romans establish control of Egypt. : Octavian declared Emperor Augustus Caesar by Roman senate; Roman Empire effectively established. : Romans attempt unsuccessfully to conquer southwestern Arabia. : Vergil’s Aeneid published. c. : Jesus Christ born. : Wang Mang usurps throne of Han Dynasty in China, establishing Hsin Dynasty. : Forces of Augustus Caesar defeated by Germans, ending Roman expansion to the north. : Augustus Caesar dies; his stepson Tiberius becomes emperor, marking official establishment of Roman Empire.

This literate group was known as scribes, and indeed they were enormously influential. Their equivalent in modern society would be people who can write computer programs and develop software. Egyptians were strong believers in magic, and to them, words were magical. This was particularly true of written words. ” Given the sacred, magical nature of words, the scribes became like priests of a sort. The complicated nature of hieroglyphics, incidentally, was no accident: scribes deliberately made the system difficult in order to maintain their positions of influence.

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