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L .. -.. 38 'early' (24) "iic paas 'carefully' sits 'once' 16sI 'twice ' 'still, yet' naat assuming, of course, that these end in vowels at the time stress is assigned. If, on the other hand, stress is assigned directly to surface profiles of the form C(V)VC, then a special provision must be made for them. the present pur- poses, we will assume the latte t and provide a special 'minor' stress assignment rule of the following form: (c) Minor Stress Assignment v / # C (V) C #. We must now consider forms which are straightforward exceptions to the stress assignment rule.

That in the older generation speech--in which the p*v rule is still alive--the prefix would be taken into consideration in stress assignment since, presumably, the prefix is not separated from the stem by a # in older speech. So far as we know, this is in fact the case. Thus, the older form is, [7i-vitanakci]. e. in which surface p-initials are underlyingly v-initial. We suggest it as a possiblity only. Finally, if we conclude that the original p-Lenition is no longer a rule, then any intervocalic /v/'s must be underlyingly /v/.

And there' is indeed a sense in which the suffixes here are less firmly attached to the verbal theme than is, for example, the base-forming suffix /-ti/, as in /tayati/ (stressed [tayAtil) 'to laugh', which does not, from the point of view of stress assignment, behave like a separate word. The tense-aspect endings, and certain other endings as well, can be 'stranded' as a result of verb (or verb phrase) deletion, for example, as in (26) 7 i-tipko pit mia-q pi? ni? tiwat GAP-ni. a-q pi? ni? tiwat pit mi 7 a-ni.

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