John Stuart Clark's After the Gold Rush: A Bicycle Journey Through American PDF

By John Stuart Clark

ISBN-10: 1907869603

ISBN-13: 9781907869600

In 1849, a number of hundred thousand americans and Europeans all started streaming throughout ‘The nice American Desert’ certain for the gold fields of California. Their dream used to be to strike it wealthy, but when the Gold Rush epitomizes the yank Dream, their trek in the course of the desert grew to become the worst of nightmares. a hundred and fifty years later, British biking journalist John Stuart Clark retraces an identical roads, rivers and trails taken by means of the 40 Niners, suffering throughout 3,000 miles of inhospitable terrain, scuffling with violent sandstorms and withering warmth. biking the place no sane individual would select to cycle, at a time while the fiercest twister and worst college bloodbath on list shake the kingdom, Clark tells the tales of these he encounters with an unusual sensitivity and knowing. half travelogue, half social historical past, all really good written, this is often the undying tale of a country taking inventory of itself and the yank Dream.

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