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By Amos J. Beyan (auth.)

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Around twenty-five of these blacks, including Eliphalet Newport, William Amey, William Butler, and Rueben B. Against this background, that the sixty-three emigrants who had survived the malarial attack decided to return to Fourah Bay, near Freetown, Sierra Leone. 3). The group included thirty freeborn. Three members of the group had purchased their freedom; twenty-five of them from Virginia; and the rest from Maryland. Twenty of them knew how to read and write; thus, three members of the group were children.

Effort [has] been made to teach them how . . 57 Russwurm accentuated that “the civil rights of a people being of the greatest value, it shall ever be our duty to vindicate our brethren when oppressed. . 58 Russwurm continued to express what his proto-Black Nationalism was, and protested against the different forms of injustice blacks experienced while maintaining that he was touched by the argument put forward by whites that blacks were responsible for their own problems, which included their powerlessness, social degradation, or impoverishment.

They are ignorant of our climate, soil, fruit, and cattle. It may be that they are wicked too; some of them . . You must not listen to the words of those white persons who try to stop free people from coming over. . Let them come and sit down in our valleys, and on our hills, and near our rivers; and all the country will soon break forth into song. Sherbro country is full of meat, fish, bread, oil, and honey. Send us people to eat them. I can say in one word—God bids you, colonize. I know it is God’s will.

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African American Settlements in West Africa: John Brown Russwurm and the American Civilizing Efforts by Amos J. Beyan (auth.)

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