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By Doula Nicolson

ISBN-10: 1843121409

ISBN-13: 9781843121404

First released in 1997, this e-book has been up to date and revised to deliver it in response to new laws and present issues. it truly is an eclectic reference booklet on adolescent emotional and behavioural difficulties, masking a variety of mental theories and techniques in a readable sort. the speculation provided is tied in with functional program utilizing illustrative case reviews and there are time-saving interview sheets and different fabric for teachers/counsellors to take advantage of.

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Extinction occurs where reinforcement of a particular behaviour is stopped, leading to diminishing frequency of that behaviour. ● Negative reinforcement occurs where the removal of an unpleasant or aversive event leads to an increase in the likelihood of the preceding event. In escape learning an adolescent’s responses increase because they are connected with the removal of unpleasant stimuli. Behaviour can be changed this way by applying an unpleasant shock to adolescents until they decide to end the shock by performing the desired behaviour.

G. g. praise or smiles. Frequently teachers and parents get locked into an intensifying cycle of negative criticism which exacerbates the problem. Adolescents feel they can do nothing right and as a result cease to bother about improving their behaviour. The parent or teacher must avoid inadvertently rewarding or reinforcing inappropriate behaviour. If the teacher or parent feels that punishment is appropriate in the circumstances then to be effective it should meet the following criteria: ● It should not be such that it could be interpreted as physical or emotional abuse.

Adolescents and parents should be encouraged not to see setbacks as failures but as a normal part of the change process. As regards parenting, parents need to set aside a special time for their adolescent daughters and sons to enable them to feel valued and nurtured. Surprising their adolescent children by acting differently than they normally do can help surmount or circumvent negative adolescent–parent relationships. Another strategy is to use positive consequences; this is where an adolescent is asked to perform a positive task rather than a sanction in order to make amends for misbehaviour.

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