Download e-book for iPad: A Visual Guide to Essay Writing by Valli Rao, Kate Chanock, Lakshmi Krishnan

By Valli Rao, Kate Chanock, Lakshmi Krishnan

ISBN-10: 0980429714

ISBN-13: 9780980429718

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Once you know the rules, conform to them rigorously and consistently. Why isn’t there just one way of referencing? In the same way that we all speak different languages, different disciplinary areas have different ways of referencing. It can be a confused and confusing area, so don’t hesitate to clarify with your marker any doubts you may have. The Tower of Babel (Pieter Bruegel, 1563) Is this why there are so many different systems of referencing too? 7 Writing an annotated bibliography Most of the time, your note-taking is for your eyes only — and maybe that’s just as well!

With some assignments, you may be asked to include an annotated bibliography. This may be an early stage of an assignment, when your marker wants to see how your research is shaping up. In this case, your annotated bibliography says: This is what I’m planning to read for this essay; and this is why. Or, it may be handed in with the assignment, at the end, in which case it says: This is what I used for this essay; and this is why. asp#What Writing an annotated bibliography / 49 You could think of the annotated bibliography as the thing you wish a good fairy who has already researched the same essay topic would simply hand over to you!

We’d suggest writing a rough introduction first, including a predictive thesis and tentative signposting, then rewriting it ‘properly’ (including a researched thesis, and accurate signposting) when you have written the body of the essay and maybe even the conclusion. How long should the introduction be? Roughly, 10–15% of the total length of the essay. So, for a 2000-word essay, your introduction might be about 200–300 words. But that is a very rough estimate, just to give you a bit of an idea — it can vary The introduction / 55 a great deal.

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