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I made note of the original forms for later reference, but almost always made the changes requested by the informant. Photographs 4 and 5. Gokul Rājbanshi (left) and Dharma L. Rājbanshi At several stages informants felt it necessary to change the style of the text from oral to literary, based on the presumption that the language is spoken in one way but written in another. I often hesitated to make these kinds of changes since the written form has not yet fully evolved. The second main research principle was to base observations primarily on the spoken form.

G. " It is doubtful that the vowel [ɪ] found in Rājbanshi is the same as the Bengali vowel mentioned by Masica. 2 Vowels 19 in the environments shown in Table 2. 4 Moreover, if [ɪ] does indeed have phonemic status in Rājbanshi, one would expect to find a three-way contrast. This was not so; only two-way contrasts between /e/ and [ɪ], and /e/ and /i/ were found. Throughout this work I have transcribed [ɪ] as /i/ or /e/ when I am certain, but as /ɪ/ when I am uncertain. 240 288 336 IPA [i] IPA [u] median average [i] (initial syllable) 384 IPA [e] IPA [o] 432 median average [ɪ] F1 (Hz) 480 528 IPA [ɛ] IPA [ɔ] 576 624 672 720 median average [ɛ]  A [i] (n=67)  I [ɪ] (n=59) IPA [ɑ]  I [ɛ] (n=59) 768 2500,00 IPA [a] 2250,00 2000,00 1750,00 1500,00 1250,00 F2-F1 1000,00 750,00 500,00 250,00 0,00 Chart 1.

Though these narratives are not in transcribed form, they are nevertheless occasionally referred to during the course of this grammar. The reader can refer to the audio recordings on the accompanying CD. Photographs 2 and 3. Pāmar P. Rājbanshi (left) and Manorath Rājbanshi Two types of text have been elicited: narrative and descriptive. The descriptive texts were obtained by showing the language informant a photograph relating to some aspect of Rājbanshi culture or surroundings. The informant was then requested to talk about what he saw in the picture.

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