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By Curtis Vaughan

ISBN-10: 0805413782

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Booklet by means of Vaughan, Curtis, Gideon, Virtus E.

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11). l6X90v. lV1WOV&UW is used with the genitive case (cf. 1:3). np6c; and T6 are to be taken with tmj3apTiooL. " Robertson comments Ihat np6<; with the articular infinitive 10 express purpose is used by Paul oruy four times (W. , vol. IV, p. 19). tKT1pu~a~£v is an aor. act. ind. of Kr'lPUOOW. Vuses 10, 11. Ox; (first two occurrences in vss. to, 11) is to be translated " how," being practically equivalent to nWc; used in indirect questions (cf. Amdt and Gingrich, meaning I, 2. d . • p. 905) . Between the words Ox; andlvQ (vs.

9) 8) oupovwv (vs. 10) 9) V& KpWV (vs. ,-7. Write here your own translation of 1 Thess. 1:8-10. LESSON 8 Dative Case (iJ ~OTtKil mwcnc;) (Dana and Mantey, pp. 83·86; Funk·Debrunner , pp. I03 ; Moullon , I. pp. 75,76; Ill , pp. 4O; Robenson, pp. 535-43; Zerwick , pp. 19·20. f'Sortill inl~~sl; that is, it accents one's personal advantage or disadvantage. Robertson explains that the dative is "sometimes used of things, but of things personified" (p. 536) . The dative is used more frequently with verbs than with any other part of speech.

5). MlLATIVE CASE Reading Assignment Translate the following verses, giving special attention to ablative constructions: Mark 1:5; John 13:16; Rom. 11:36; 1 Thess. 2:14; Rev. 21 :2. LESSON 7 The Ablative Case (Continued) 1. Review 1 Thess. 1:1-7. 2. Look over 1 The~. 1:8-10; read the passage aloud and then translate as much of it as you can without referring to lexicons, grammars, etc. 3. Having gone through the passage at least once without the assistance of grammatical aids , go through it again using your lexioon to cheek the meanings of unfamiliar words.

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