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Madurese is a huge neighborhood language of Indonesia, with a few 14 million audio system, normally at the island of Madura and adjoining elements of Java, making it the fourth greatest language of Indonesia after Indonesian, Javanese, and Sundanese. there's no present complete descriptive grammar of the language, with present reviews being both sketches of the full grammar, or unique descriptions of phonology and morphology or a few specific issues inside of those parts of the grammar. there is not any competing paintings that offers the breadth and intensity of assurance of this grammar, particularly (though now not solely) with reference to syntax.

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24 Chapter 2 Phonology At other times, precisely the opposite obtains–cognates in which Madurese has a high vowel where Indonesian has a mid vowel. (8) Madurese [tisa] [kitɛ] [iir] [puṭu] Indonesian [desa] [getek] [eer] [bodoh] ‘village’ ‘raft’ ‘row’ ‘stupid’ There are however, ample examples of the same vowel surfacing in both languages. (9) Madurese [bukka] [diri] [kɔntan] [tɛnɔ] Indonesian [buka] [diri] [kontan] [teno] ‘open ‘stand’ ‘cash’ ‘a type of basket’ For the most part, non-high vowels (ɛ, ə, a, ɔ) do not occur following voiceless aspirated and voiced stops and high vowels (i, ɤ, ɨ, u) occur only in the environment after voiceless aspirated and voiced stops.

As spelled out by Stevens (1966), this is attributable to the fact that Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *d was realized as /d/ in Indonesian but either /t. / or /d. / in Madurese. (6) Madurese /d. apa/ /d. atə/ /sapɛḍa/ /t. ampɔl/ /t. ɔɔ/ [d. ɤpa] [d. ɤtə] [sapɛḍɤ] [t. ɤmpɔl] [t. 2. Vowels Many vowel correspondences between Madurese and Indonesian are quite regular because the quality of the Madurese vowel is conditioned by a rule of vowel raising in which high vowels occur after aspirated and voiced stops and mid and low vowels elsewhere.

26 Chapter 2 Phonology (13) Madurese /əccɛ/ /əccam/ /əllak/ /ənnɔr/ /əssɛl/ /əɔ/ Indonesian [əccɛ] /at/ [əccam] /am/ [əllak] /lak/ [ənnɔ] /nur/ [əssɛ] /sel/ [əɔ] /to/ Javanese /cɛt/ /am/ /lak/ /nur/ /sɛl/ /tu-tu/ ‘paint’ ‘hour’ ‘sealing wax’ ‘light’ ‘cell’ ‘tun’ It is frequently the case, however, that in speech these forms are shortened and only the final syllable is pronounced. As illustrated in section 1, all consonants other than [] can occur in syllable-initial position.

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