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O bafo merciless e impiedoso do Inverno já se sente. Quando Jon Snow consegue regressar à Muralha, perseguido pelos antigos companheiros do Povo Livre, não sabe o que irá encontrar nem como será recebido pelos seus irmãos da Patrulha da Noite. Só tem uma certeza: há coisas bem piores do que a hoste de selvagens a aproximarem-se pela floresta assombrada.

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It was still cold enough to show your breath, but any­ thing was better than the stale, fetid air of my burrow under the floor. I stretched and inhaled and felt half-human. My other half was itching, stinking, and squinting to keep out the painful glare of sunlight on snow. But I wasn’t greedy. “What’s the matter with you? ” Durgan held the white tunic close to his brawny chest, as if planning to withhold it until I had confessed my secret sin. “I’ve slept enough for ten men, I’ve not had a lash in seven days, and yesterday’s meat was only half gristle and not quite off.

Always lay the meat across the bread. Never look the guests in the eye. Slaves have been killed for looking into a guest’s eyes . . . and they were not such eyes as the ones I had just glimpsed. Did he know I had recognized him? Did he know it was possible, that there were those of us in the world who had been trained to see what he carried within him? How­ ever crippled I was, however lost, however removed from the person I had once been and the life I had once lived, I could still recognize a demon.

Yet such reasoned arguments held no sway when I crouched naked in the dark and tried so des­ perately to lose myself in sleep. Well, we can always bear more than we believe possible. 46 Carol Berg By the second day from the execution feast, I was sleeping again, though not peacefully. I received three rounds of food and water, and thus I believe three days passed before Durgan dropped his ladder to me again. Though I had regained my composure, I was up the ladder almost before it touched the floor.

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