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By Douglas Northrop

A significant other to international background offers over 30 essays from a world crew of historians that either determine carrying on with components of competition, confrontation, and divergence in international and worldwide historical past, and aspect to instructions for extra debate. encompasses a varied forged of members that come with verified global historians and rising students Explores quite a lot of issues and issues, together with and the perform of global historical past, key rules of worldwide historians, the instructing of worldwide heritage and the way it has drawn upon and challenged "traditional" instructing methods, and worldwide methods to writing international heritage locations an emphasis on non–Anglophone ways to the subject Considers problems with either scholarship and pedagogy on a transnational, interregional, and world/global scale

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111 BC, Aug ustus en tered the c ity . T h is was fo llowed sho rtly afte r b y th deaths o f Anto nius and Kl eopatra and the appo intme nt o f a Roman prefect , the first bei ng C o rnelius G a llus . ' In 38 A D, the appearance o f the Ju daean tetrarch Ag n ppa , a fn e lld o f the re igning emperor, Calig ula , pro voked a nti- Jew ish riots aliiI desecr ation o f sy nagog ue s . T hese are the fir st raci st attacks h Greek s o n Je ws in Alexa nd ria . T he prefect failed to inte rven e and Ihl ar my did not play a major ro le .

Ev ide nce from Buhen attests building wo rk by the viceroy , A hrnose-Turo , and it is likely that the Nubian gains of Kam ose were co nso lidated . Ahrnosc I' s name also occur s in the fortress es tablished at Sai nor th of the T hird Cataract, ind icating an Egy ptian adva nce into Kushite territory. The records o f the Hyksos campaigns also show that Mem phis had been rega ined by the Theban forces before the co mmence men t o f hostilities, The inscr iption of Ahmose so n o f Ebana describes battles in which th(' navy was prominent ; the siege of Avaris; the defeat of the Hyksos; and sack of Ava ris, The Rhind Mathem atical Papyru s carries notes dated til a yea r II , attrib uted by scho lars vario us ly to Ahmose or the Hykso: king Khamudi .

Alexandria was besieged for severa l months, before being captured, probably in 298 AD . Under the later Roman Empire, a new source of civil dissension in Alexandria was the rapid spread of Christianity. The fourth and fifth centuries were marked in Alexandria by religious disputes that spo radically erupted in violence . They began with a major theological controversy between the Bishop of Alexandria, Athanasius, and his rival, Arius, that was only partly resolved by the Counc il of Nicacn (325 AD) .

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