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Il n’est pas vrai que . . Est-il vrai que . . Subjunctive 29 7_3554_02_Introduction 10/20/06 11:19 AM Page 30 Il n’est pas évident que . . Est-il évident que . . Il n’est pas sûr que . . Est-il sûr que . . Il n’est pas certain que . . Est-il certain que . . Il n’est pas probable que . . Est-il probable que . . After certain verbs expressing doubt, emotion, wishing aimer que . . to like that . . aimer mieux que . . to prefer that . . s’attendre à ce que . . to expect that . .

The boys have arrived / Les garçons sont arrivés. The verb sont arrivés is in the passé composé; arriver is conjugated with être. There is a plural agreement on the past participle arrivés (added s) because the subject les garçons is masculine plural. Review page 6 to find out about verbs conjugated with either avoir or être to form the seven compound tenses. See aller and arriver. See also past participle and subject. 36 Definitions of basic grammatical terms with examples 7_3554_02_Introduction 10/20/06 11:19 AM Page 37 agreement of verb with its subject A verb agrees in person (1st, 2d, or 3d) and in number (singular or plural) with its subject.

The adverb shows how she runs. Jack is a very good friend / Jacques est un très bon ami. The adverb very/très modifies the adjective good/bon. The adverb shows how good a friend he is. The boy is eating too fast now / Le garçon mange trop vite maintenant. The adverb too/trop modifies the adverb fast/vite. The adverb shows to what extent he is eating fast. The adverb now/maintenant tells us when. The post office is there / Le bureau de poste est là. The adverb there/là modifies the verb is/est. It tells us where the post office is.

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