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Книга Radfahrschwadronen Radfahr schwadronen Книги Исторические Автор: H. Hinrichsen Формат: pdf Размер: 37,4 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка: Книга оприменении велосипедов в Германской армии. Модели, фото, чертежи.

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1000. 36 The situation was noticeably different in the two theme-s governed by the Byzantine imperial administration. As in the rest of the Empire, its agents resided in walled cities (kastron, astu) and the state had means to build them—the existence of the statutory labour service called kastroktisia has been documented in Apulia at the end of the tenth and in the eleventh centuries. 37 During the two centuries when Byzantium governed a large part of southern Italy, three distinct phases of construction of new towns can be discerned, while the population rise naturally led to a need for more numerous administrative centres.

For a general survey (in English) of pre-Norman southern Italy, see now Loud (2000a), 12-59. 24 JEAN-MARIE MARTIN The Norman conquest did finally achieve the unification of those dissimilar territories, but only very slowly. From our point of view, it came too late to play a major part in the settlement structure. The influence of the conquerors was visible mainly in the regions that had not yet been reoccupied. Nonetheless, the Norman period saw the completion of the setdement network, but for the most part it was the period between the tenth and the twelfth centuries which witnessed its creation, the different components of which we shall now try to analyse.

However, the main factor that influenced how the countryside was organised on the mainland was the settlement pattern. Settlement The Normans were for the most part content to put their own finishing touches to a diversity of structures which their various predecessors had brought about, mostly since the tenth century. Hence, to understand why the settlement network under the Normans was different, a retrospective view is necessary, although one should note that not a great deal is known about settlement in these regions during late Antiquity.

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